TC Electronic has announced aNorm for Loudness Pilot, the multiple stereo loudness controller.

TC Electronic Loudness Pilot

Since last year, broadcasters throughout the world have been adopting aNorm loudness processing on TC Electronic’s flagship platform, DB6. Now, aNorm is announced in a stereo version for Loudness Pilot; the stereo incarnation of DB6.

aNorm is a revolution in streaming processing in several ways. It keeps dynamics processing at a minimum by normalizing the signal intelligently, and only if normalization by itself is not enough to hit the Loudness and LRA targets, aNorm applies dynamic processing. Further, aNorm adapts intelligently, using just the right tools if dynamic processing is needed. It will never just apply heavy compressing as default. In other words, aNorm hits the pre-defined loudness targets without squashing the audio.

Butterfly Meter Included
The Butterfly Meter displays pre and post loudness normalization – and it is an integrated part of the aNorm algorithm. The innovative graph instantly provides an overview of how and why the incoming audio is adjusted. In short, the sheer look of the meter is just as astonishing as it is intuitive and informative.

The aNorm license for Loudness Pilot is available October 2015 for $650 USD.

More information: TC Electronic