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TC Electronic announces Master X HD and Brickwall HD plugins and optional USB-powered desktop controllers


TC Electronic has introduced two new plugins that aim to deliver the ultimate dynamics duo combining unparalleled transparent performance with an easy-to-use interface.

Master X HD and Brickwall HD are essential additions to any mixing, mastering and post-production setup and support all modern plugin standards. The optional USB-powered desktop controllers deliver a pioneering fusion of premium software and next-generation hardware-assisted workflow.

With expansion, compression and limiting separate for each of the 3 bands, the Master X HD is the ultimate multiband dynamics processing plugin. Designed for use on single sources, buses and master mixes, its pioneering combination of software and optional hardware control gives users powerful award-winning algorithms combined with the latest in dynamics technology.

Designed to make the critical mastering and mixing phase faster and easier for both professional audio engineers and home studio owners, Master X HD delivers studio-grade expansion, compression and limiting separate for each band.

TC Electronic Master X HD

The studio-grade algorithms provide ultimate transparency while staying true to the TC Electronic legacy sound and include a built-in soft clipping feature.

Re-built from the ground up to serve modern creative needs, the Master X HD combines technologies from the award-winning MASTER X for Pro Tools and the legendary Powercore platform with TC Electronic’s latest dynamics technologies found in the Finalizer application ecosystem.

The overall processing characteristics of Master X HD are controlled via target curves, i.e. either flat, bass-emphasising, air-adding or the classic smiley curve. These specialised starting points gives users total and easy control via global processing styles for all bands in all algorithm blocks while reducing the number of complex parameters in a similar 3 band processor by approximately 2/3.

Brickwall HD is a true-peak brick wall limiter plugin like no other. Designed for use in professional and home studio mixing and mastering environments, it sports both classic transparent limiting and modern loudness-oriented workflow for outstanding and predictable results.

TC Electronic Brickwall HD

Designed to be an ultra-transparent master limiter, Brickwall HD protects audio without ever sacrificing sonic impact. Its studio-grade algorithm is built on the foundation of the original Brickwall Limiter from System 6000, Brickwall HD lets users increase the apparent loudness of a mix without losing audio quality.

As a supplement to the classic, transparent limiter, Brickwall HD sports a modern take on limiting. The loudness limiter safeguards sonics for easy delivery to streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and Tidal. Brickwall HD is the ideal solution to make a lasting impression with casual listeners and audiophiles alike.

Unlike most limiters that stop at 0 DBFS, Brickwall HD identifies the ever-important inter-sample peaks and eliminates the risk of down-stream audio clipping. The premium ISP limiting algorithm ensures clean and predictable results every time. The adaptive content-optimised limiter profiles guarantee maximum sonic transparency.

Engineers and musicians always aim for flawless sound in everything they do, Brickwall HD allows users to choose between the best classic and modern limiting algorithms and add spice to taste with the built-in soft clipping curves. Specialized for use in the critical mastering phase, the soft clipping in Brickwall HD provides users with versatile performance and analogue character without offsetting the balance of a mix.

For the ultimate in hands-on usability and improved workflow the optional USB-powered hardware controller add-ons for Master X HD and Brickwall HD give users visual feedback for accurate signal and dynamics monitoring directly on the hardware interface.

TC Electronic hardware controllers

The inspiring hands-on controls provide instant easy access control to all sound-defining parameters, improve workflow and declutter your mix view as there is no need to open the plugin to make parameter adjustments. On-the-fly mix adjustments are now as simple as touching a physical control and brings the added benefit that users can mix with their ears and not with their eyes.

Brickwall HD and Master X HD also include a wealth of custom-built signature presets developed by world-class producers and engineers, as well as complementary settings tailored by TC Electronic’s engineering team.

Brickwall HD and Master X HD are compatible with all major DAWs (Standard VST, Audio Units and AAX-Native plugin processing on Mac and Windows PC) and deliver full support for standard DAW automation and project recall.

More information: TC Electronic

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