TC Electronic has announced it is offering 33% off on its collection of vintage stomp boxes for your computer, this weekend only.

TC Electronic Vintage Stomp Boxes sale

With summer upon us, we want to bring back the sweet warmth of the seventies! So, as a special weekend offer, we’re slashing a full third off the price of our Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle.

Carefully modeled on the original schematics from the late 70s, this bundle recreates the five guitar pedals that laid the foundation for TC Electronic, and will give you all the vintage tone you need to rock out in style!

The native bundle is on sale for $99.33 USD and a PowerCore Crossgrade is $52.67 USD. Prices ex VAT.

The sale ends July 31st, 12pm CET.

More information: TC Electronic / Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle