TC-Helicon has announced the release of Perform-V, an intuitive and straightforward vocal processor.

TC-Helicon Perform-V
TC-Helicon Perform-V back

Designed to remove the obstacles that singers typically face in performance, Perform-V lets vocalists focus entirely on their performance by providing easy control of tried-and-true vocal sounds while it expertly polishes the production values via intelligent Tone functions (Adaptive EQ, Compression, De-essing and Gating), automatic mic input gain, pitch correction and anti-feedback algorithms.

Using Perform-V is as simple as plugging in a mic, and it snaps directly onto the mic stand – just where a singer needs it.

For singers wanting to go beyond the essential sounds included in the box, TC-Helicon offers hundreds of iconic vocal sounds for free download, using sister company TC Electronic’s proprietary technology (known from their TonePrint® app) to “beam” presets directly from a smartphone to Perform-V, without the need for accessories or even a wireless/Bluetooth connection.

Perform-V features

  • Essential set of classic vocal effects, including 4 Reverb, 4 Echo, and 4 Double types.
  • Smartphone integration. “Beam” additional vocal effects, including harmonies, HardTune, and megaphone, via free app for iOS/Android.
  • Powerful Anti-Feedback function.
  • Visual Pitch meter. Helps improve vocal technique and train the ear.

Perform-V is available for purchase for $199.99 USD/£145 GBP/199 EUR.

More information: TC-Helicon / Perform-V