TC-Helicon has announced a companion app for the recently released Perform-VK, a vocal processor designed specifically for keyboard players. The app is now available on iOS and Android. It adds effects to Perform-VK such as Doubling, Hardtune, and Megaphone.

TC Helicon Perform VK app

The Perform-VK app provides users with over 1000 presets, allowing you to easily emulate your favorite songs and genres. Each preset tells your Perform-VK which effects should be active, what effects style to use, and their levels. This enables you to change your sound at the touch of a button between songs.

The Perform-VK hardware unit can hold up to 3 presets at a time, but presets can easily be removed and added on the go or between sets. Simply beam presets from the phone app to your unit using the apps audio based transfer capabilities, or for instant results transfer presets via a USB cable and camera connection kit.

A World of Possibilities
The Perform-VK app includes presets for Pop, Country, Alternative, Dance/EDM, Hip Hop/Rap, Rock and more, containing presets for a plethora of iconic songs and artists.

Easy Access
The easy to use interface is searchable by either genre, artist, or song. The app’s ‘favorites’ feature allows you to create a set list to make customizing your unit between shows a breeze.

The Gear
Perform-VK is TC-Helicon’s latest mic mounted vocal processor featuring Reverb, Harmony, Echo, Adaptive Tone, and Anti-Feedback. Perform-VK has stereo audio I/O and MIDI control for painless integration with your rig.

Perform-VK app features

  • Search over 1000 presets by Genre, Artist, Song.
  • Quickly access recently used presets.
  • Create a set list using preset favorites.
  • Beam or transfer your presets instantly using the Apple Camera Connection Kit for in-the-moment preset changes.
  • Automatically receive professionally authored preset update packs as they become available.

The Perform-VK app is a free download at Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

More information: TC-Helicon

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