Splice Sounds has launched Kenny Segal’s Odds and Ends, a new Team Supreme sample pack featuring 133 loops and samples by Kenny Segal.

Splice Sounds Team Supreme Kenny Segal Samples

The idea behind it is that I tried to go for things that you wouldnt find in other packs on splice. I have it divided up into 4 main categories:

“404 Drumsanity” are samples of live drums through the SP404 effects
“Omni Experiments” are samples from my circuit bent Omnichord
“UCreations” are samples from my hacked UCreate
“Pop Crackle Hiss” is an extensive collection of vinyl, tape hiss, and field recording to layer into your beats

Kenny’s sample pack is available to Splice subscribers now.

More information: Splice Sounds / Kenny Segal’s Odds and Ends