Techivation has announced the release of a new versatile plugin designed to suppress unwanted muddy, boxy, and harsh frequencies and resonances in any sound.

M-Clarity combines simplicity and power, employing a unique spectral shaping algorithm to deliver accurate results.

M-Clarity is a dynamic resonance suppressor plug-in that employs spectral shaping technology to enhance the tonal balance and clarity of sound. It achieves this by reducing specific problematic frequency components within an audio signal. As a result, it minimizes unwanted characteristics such as harshness, muddiness, or boxiness in the sound, making it an ideal tool for audio mixing, mastering, and editing.

Techivation’s M-Clarity offers a sleek and contemporary GUI (Graphic User Interface) designed with a modern approach. Its practicality makes it an excellent addition to any music and audio professional’s toolkit.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats, M-Clarity is on sale for the intro price of $45 USD until May 31st, 2023 (regular $129 USD). Additional loyalty discounts are available to Techivation plugin owners. You can try M-Clarity with a fully functional 14-day free trial version.

More information: Techivation