Techivation has announced an update to its audio plugin designed to increase the loudness of the sound while preserving dynamic range and clarity.

Version 1.1.0 of M-Loudener comes with some new features and improvements.

Designed with advanced algorithms that maintain the integrity of your original sound, the M-Loudener is the ideal tool for enhancing your audio tracks with minimal effort.

This plug-in is designed to offer precise and accurate results, which makes it a perfect tool for audio mastering and buss processing. It is also ideal for use on individual tracks, especially for enhancing punchiness or making sounds cutting through the mix with extra power.

Changes in M-Loudener v1.1.0

  • [New] Difference Meter displays the change in RMS levels between the input and output.
  • [New] Match RMS adjusts the output audio levels to match with the input’s RMS value.
  • [New] Set Drive for avoiding unwanted distortion by setting the Drive parameter to a safe level quickly.
  • [New] Tooltips option that you can enable or disable from the plugin menu.
  • Plugin loading speed improved.
  • Separate Legacy Installer available to support older macOS systems: 10.9 – 10.11.
  • Windows installer now supports 32 bit as well.
  • Minor bug fixes.

In celebration of the update, M-Loudener is on sale for $45 USD until April 30th, 2023 (regular $90 USD). It comes in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac.

More information: Techivation