Tek’it Audio has released version 1.1 of Badass, a distortion effect plug-in for Windows.

“Badass VST” update 1.1, a filter and distortion plug-in, is available now. This new version has several bug fixes and exciting new features. Among this changes we added a frequency controller to the Ring Modulator, the filters can be POST or PRE processing and a central readout can now display the value of a knob when you move it.

Tek'it Audio Badass

Changes in Badass v1.1

  • New main screen with central readout.
  • dB input and ouput display.
  • Filter can be PRE or POST proccess.
  • Max filter frequency now 22KHz.
  • Gain Bug on 800Hz cut resolved.
  • Max LOFI frequency now 24KHz.
  • LOFI antialiasing switch added.
  • Ring mod frequency control added.
  • Bug on 24dB digit LP filter right channel resolved.
  • Undo changes on all parameters added.
  • Random on all parameters (except level, pan and bypass) added.
  • Ring mod off ringing bug resolved.
  • Level knob range changed to -72dB / +12dB.
  • Peak LEDs more accurate.
  • Peak LEDs ON/OFF switch added.
  • Some cosmetic changes on the GUI.

Badass for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 17 EUR / $23 USD.

More information: Tek’it Audio / Badass