has updated its Genobazz free monophonic bass synthesizer instrument for Windows to version 2.1.

Genobazz 2.1 has some bugs fixed, improvements on the GUI and optimizations. The visualization of the modulations has been completely reworked and now allows better visualization of its effects on each parameters. As well two annoying bug reported by users on the MSEG have been resolved.

This update come with 10 new presets including those from the Genobazz 2 preset contest winners and two from Mihai Sorohan demonstrating the sync of a wobble bass using the MSEG.

Tek’it Audio Genobazz

Genobazz 2.1 introduces bug fixes, improvements and 10 new presets by Mihai Sorohan.

Changes in Genobazz v2.1

  • Bug on MSEG max/min value for pitch and pan resolved.
  • Bug on Cutoff frequency used with MSEG on some filters resolved.
  • Bug some animations are not at the right refresh rate resolved.
  • GUI Modulation animation now use realtime animation instead of bitmap.
  • GUI Modulation animation begin at knob position.
  • Optimization and reduced CPU use on various parts.
  • GUI new design for bottom screen switch.
  • GUI new design for social network screen.
  • 10 New sound presets added.

Genobazz is available to download as a freeware VST instrument plugin for Windows.

More information: Tek’it Audio / Genobazz