Tekit Audio Genobazz2

Tek’it Audio has announced version 2.2 of its Genobazz free bass synthesizer plug-in and the releases of a free expansion.

This new update of Genobazz has some bugs fixed, a new band pass filter, some minor improvements on the GUI and each envelopes (MSEG) can now have negative values to create even more complex modulations. This update come with 2 new presets demonstrating the improved MSEG.

And to further enhance your Genobazz 2 experience Hypnagogia Expansion is available as a free download. Hypnagogia Expansion is a bank of presets crafted by Goran Mrganic a producer from Serbia know as Hypnagogia, who’s been mainly involved in the Goa and Psychedelic Trance scene.

Changes in Genobazz v2.2

  • Bug Pan MSEG can now use is full range.
  • All MSEG can now be negative to create inverted envelopes.
  • Pitch MSEG range is now -4/+4 octaves.
  • Added a state variable Band Pass filter.
  • Added 2 new presets demoing the negative MSEG.
  • GUI Renamed Sync to Host Sync and Free run to Note Gate to avoid confusion.
  • GUI Renamed Divide to Beat.
  • GUI some cosmetic improvements on the MSEG bottom menu.
  • GUI Added close button on the support screen.
  • GUI social screen updated.

Genobazz 2 is available to download as a freeware VST plug-in for Windows. The “Hypnagogia Expansion” is available to download at no cost for Facebook fans of Tek’it Audio.

More information: Tek’it Audio / Genobazz