TekkZoo Instruments has announced that its upcoming kick drum synthesizer is in the last stages of development.

Bunny Kicker aims to streamline the process of individual kick drum creation and enhancement of existing samples. It uses 3 layers to allow for plenty of possibilities to create sounds with impact and character.

TekkZoo Instruments Bunny Kicker

The sub is covered by a classical kick synth inspired by legendary drum machines such as the 808, but with its own character. Your own sounds can be imported into a sample layer featuring a tilt filter. Of course you will also find a selection of included impacts from a field recording session to get you started. Finally a noise layer allows you to sprinkle top end in your kick or use atonal impacts for transient infusion.

The effects section allows you to mangle the tune with destruction or widen it with space. They are controlled with a single knob each and can be activated individually for any layer. Since kicks can become larger then life the tighten knob will help you position your kick in the mix through a combination of enhancements.

The first in a series of instruments, Bunny Kicker is expected to be available for Steinberg’s free HALion Sonic SE 3 platform in Q2, 2018.

More information: TekkZoo Instruments