The Tenori-On is a new type of instrument developed by Toshio Iwai and Yamaha Corporation.

The Tenori-On, with inventor Toshio Iwai

The Tenori-On is a handheld device featuring a sixteen by sixteen grid of LED switches, any of which can be activated in a number of ways to create an evolving musical soundscape. It has a jog dial, LCD display, hi-quality stereo speakers, and four function switches in the frame. On the back side of the device are additional 16×16 LEDs that allow audience to see the light patterns as well. Multiple Tenori-On devices can be connected for collaborative sessions and exchanging songs.

After years of development (started in 2001), the Tenori-On will finally become commercially available. The initial product launch now will be a UK-only thing. Pixelsumo has the details on the record shops where the Tenori-On will be displayed.

At the launch event (Phonica Records, London – 4th September, 6pm), inventor Toshio Iwai will talk and answer questions on the Tenori-On. There will also be live performances by artists who were fortunate enough to test this instrument.

Check the official Tenori-On site for more information.

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