Teragon Audio KickMaker

Teragon Audio has released version 2.0 of kick drum sound generator KickMaker, and version 1.0 final of MissWatson, a lightweight testing host.

KickMaker is a synthesizer designed specifically to create good kick drum sounds. It uses four independent oscillators and a wide range of effects, allowing one to create perfectly customized beats. KickMaker is the perfect solution for producers who are tired of using factory samples or ordinary drum machines, and want an easy way to create a wide range kicks for their tracks.

Changes in KickMaker v2.0

  • Selectable wave types for each oscillator.
  • Registration screen removed.
  • Various small improvements and optimizations.

MissWatson is a lightweight testing host designed for debugging and batch processing with a single plugin. It runs from a console and can easily be attached to a debugger such as GDB for plugin analysis. It has a number of options that can be passed to it from the command line, fully simulating a realtime VST or AU host. It also has accurate logging, and can do host and plugin benchmarking for total processing time.

There are numerous improvements to this version, and long-time users of MissWatson will notice that the command line syntax has changed also (run “MissWatson -help” if you get stuck).

KickMaker and MissWatson are available as freeware for Windows PC. Note: This will be the last release of MissWatson (no more fix bugs, feature additions etc.)

Visit Teragon Audio for more information.