Teragon Audio MissWatson v1.0b1

Teragon Audio has released MissWatson v1.0b1, a freeware lightweight testing host designed for debugging and batch processing with a single plugin.

Current features

  • Supports DLL (Windows), Mach-O (Mac OSX), and CFM (Mac OS Classic) plugin formats
  • Supports VST and AU plugin formats
  • Supports both instrument and effect plugins
  • Can query plugin’s parameter and program lists
  • Command line interface for parameters and programs
  • Can open plugin editor windows
  • Audio file I/O to plugin
  • MIDI file I/O to plugin
  • Simultaneous audio and MIDI I/O for effect plugins
  • Can open plugin editor windows
  • Displays detailed information about plugin’s parameters, capabilities, version, etc.
  • Ability to make parameter changes from command line
  • Ability to set program changes from command line
  • Detailed benchmarking statistics for host, plugin CPU usage

More features are currently under development. Visit Teragon Audio for more information and links to download the Mac OSX or Windows version of MissWatson.