The Terpstra generalized MIDI keyboard is a professional grade studio and live-performance MIDI controller.

Its design is well suited for any MIDI-based application that requires a rich control surface.

  • musical composition and performance
  • audio post
  • live performance controller
  • generalized microtonal keyboard

The keyboard features 280 velocity sensitive keys, with an expressive, deep key travel.

Terpstra Keyboard (image from Cortex Design)

It has customizable and swappable keycaps for ease of navigation (phew!). Each key is externally programmable via SYSEX and keys can send travel position to continuous controllers (faders). The keyboard also has an additional 10 programmable function keys with activity LED’s. 1/4″ input jacks for a foot switch and volume pedal are available on the back panel.

Check Cortex Design’s Terpstra Keyboard project page for more info and images.

Link via OhGizmo!