Terry West releases Combo v0.6 beta

Terry West Combo v0.6

Terry West has released Combo version 0.6, a freeware MultiChannel wavefile player.

Combo loads 16 and 24 bit wave files.


  • 5 slots for wavefiles
  • 2-bands Eq with on/off
  • Level, Pan, Pitch controls
  • Preview, Solo, Mute and Boost
  • Reverse, Start and End adjust
  • Enable Fileloop
  • Internal Reverb engine
  • Stereo Widener effect
  • Attack, Release controls
  • Midi active leds

A free download of Combo v0.6 is available from Terry West or here.

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Noble concept,but kinda limited.The eq,is only a boost function.You can’t remove frequency’s with it.The bass seems
to be at a 250hz range.The reverb mix level is not very usable as it can’t be adjusted for minute, reverb levels.
If you turn it just slightly,you have full on reverb.
MAJOR ISSUE:The sample range is not editable.The first sample
channel is mapped across the entire keyboard.And you can’t
play the other channels with your keyboard controller.There
is no master volume level.It would be nice if you could make
a channel monophonic for re-triggering loops or vocal samples.Each channel is polyphonic.I tested with FL Studio6.

Terry West
Terry West

Thanks for your comments Beatman, i will look at your requests.
You can expect an update soon.

Regards, Terry.


Hello Terry, Great job on the improvements!The plug,also looks better with the master volume.The master reverb,was a better idea. sounds and works great. Question: Is this designed to be played with a keyboard or just with the samplers trigger buttons? I ask, because… The first sampler channel plays across the entire keyboard instead of a single note or note range. The other channels can’t be triggered with a keyboard controller! What is the setup? Other than the first channel…the others don’t seem to be connected to midi. Are you only testing the plug with the trigger buttons and not midi?… Read more »

Terry West
Terry West

Hi Beatman,

Thanks for using the plugin.
I use the plugin with Nuendo, all players seems to playback fine with seperated miditracks.
Each player midichannel is hardcoded, so the second player is triggered on channel 2 etc.
Maybe in the next version you can change this (for layering samples).
I use the triggerbutton only for preview the sample.
My main use for the plugin is to play drumsamples.

I will look at your requests soon.
btw: lowfreq=100Hz Hifreq=9400K.



Thanks for the response Terry!
I don’t have any request.I was just making friendly suggestions,that’s all.

I thought this was like most drum samplers where you trigger
all the channels with a different key on the same midi channel like you do with a drum machine.I don’t usually program drums 1 sound at a time on separated tracks.

Now that I know its setup,I will use it as a multitimbral
sampler to trigger… vocals,fx sounds, loops, etc.

Also, it now makes sense why you had individual reverb on
each channel originally. I will utilize both versions sense now,I understand their setup.

Thanks for sharing!