Terry West CompEq

Terry West has released version 0.5 of CompEq, a freeware smooth compressor and equalizer VST effect plugin.


  • Compressor
    • InputGain, Attack, Release, Ratio, Threshold and OutputGain controls
    • Input/output/reduction meters
    • Bypass, Meters on/off, Auto Makeup
  • Equalizer
    • Low, LowMid, HiMid, High and Air controls with reset buttons
    • Eq on/off, Preboost full/low, Finetune controls
  • Many presets included

You can download CompEq from rekkerd.org below (the archive includes a mono and a stereo version)

Update 12-07-2007: version 0.6 available

Updated in v0.6

  • Compressor bypass works now without disabling the Eq-section
  • Output gain fixed
  • Added readout-meters respond and update rate controls

 CompEQ v0.6 (Download size: 2.24 MB)

CompEq v0.5 can still be downloaded as well

 CompEQ v0.5 (Download size: 2.23 MB)