Terry West has released version 1.50 of CS-12, a channel strip effect plug-in for Windows.

Terry West CS-12

Terry West CS-12, available in horizontal and vertical (CS-12V) version

CS-12 features

  • 12 Graphic bands, 9 Q settings.
  • Limiter, Lim. Drive.
  • NY compressor (soft/hard).
  • Punch mode.
  • Lopass, Hipass.
  • Stereo doubler, Tape saturator.
  • In-output gain + reset, Invert output, Bypass, Pan + wide.
  • 12-6 dB switches for Band & Output.
  • In-out meters + peakhold. Meters on/off.
  • HQ engine.
  • 20 presets.

The CS-FX is a channel fx plug-in with similar features to the CS-12 effect, except it has a Bass, Mid, Treble EQ instead of the 12 band one in CD-12.

More information: Terry West / CS-12