Terry West releases Gold Pro v1.3

Terry West Gold Pro v1.3

Terry West has released version 1.3 of Gold Pro, a parametric equalizer plug-in for Windows PC.

Gold Pro v1.3 features

  • Five flexible paremetric bands (Low, Lowmid, Mid, Highmid, High).
  • All bands has selectable frequencies.
  • Frequencies range from 20 Hz ~ 20 K.
  • Three Q-points per band.
  • -10/+10 dB bandgain.
  • Each band has on/off buttons.
  • Autobandoff feature.
  • Global EQ bypass.
  • Main volume out.
  • Main pan.
  • Phase inverter.
  • Cpu friendly.

Gold Pro is available as a freeware VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit Terry West for more information or download the plug-in here.

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Terry West
Terry West

There’s a new version available now which corrects several bugs and has a brand new eq engine.
New download link:


Thanks for the new release Terry. Good stuff man!