Terry West updates CS12M to v1.66


Terry West updates has the CS12M mastering channel strip effect plug-in for Winows to version 1.66.

Terry West CS12MCS12M Mastering Channel Strip by Terry West

Changes in CS12M v1.66

  • Added 4-bands quick eq.
  • Added Eq Mix (dry~wet).
  • Added Punch & Body modes.
  • Added Aero enhancer.
  • Added Monoize function.
  • Added Clarity effect.
  • Added Invert output switch.
  • Added Input headroom LEDs.
  • Added Digital clock.
  • Led output meters with peak LEDs.
  • EQ 12-10-8-6 dB slopes.
  • More Hp/Lp presets.

CS12M is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows.

More information: Terry West / CS-12M

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It’s a bit CPU intensive, but sounds marvelous!

Terry West
Terry West

Thanks for using CS12M Alvfaria.
Could you describe how much cpu it use, on my system (Q6600) it’s very small.
Also note when any fader(s) are set to zero or off state it automatically bypasses it’s effect, and consumes no cpu.


Hello Terry. Thanks for that excelent plugin!
In FL Studio it consumes more CPU. I can make a more precise test and send the result to you. In Reaper it seems to run with less cpu consumption.
Today I used reaper to work on a track with some instances (6 or 7) of CS12M. Ran very well and with an awesome sound.

If you accept some sugestions, i really like to see a future version with the doubler FX included. And maybe an alternative version with only the 4 bands EQ.

Terry West
Terry West

CS4 v1.0 little brother of CS12M has born.
All the features as CS12M but only 4 bands for channel inserts.
Direct download: http://www.terrywest.nl/cs4.zip


Hey Terry! You did the 4 bands version! Very, very cool!!!


Thanks for these lovely tools, Terry!


im having a problem getting this to work in ableton, changed the permissions for the vst folder and I’m just getting a popup which i then have to close down with my task manager please help