Terry West has created a number of freeware VST plugins: Channel, Combo/Combo Pro, CompEq, CompEq-V, EasyVox, MidiMix/MiniMix, MidiRack, Silver, Steady, Steady Pro Bundle, Take1 and VocEqPro, listed below in alphabetical order.

Update: Terry now has a website up with all his plug-ins, so check that for to be sure to have the latest versions. I will leave this page up as a mirror.


Channel is a freeware versatile channel tool.

Terry West Channel
  • Pan: individual panning controls, bypass and inverse
  • Eq: High, HiMid, LowMid, Low
  • Filter: Cutoff & Resonance
  • Pitch doubler
  • M/S: LR2MS/MS2LR
  • Vu-meters with zoom buttons

 Channel v0.9 (Download size: 2.18 MB)

Combo/Combo Pro

Combo is a professional MultiChannel wavefile player.

Terry West Channel
  • 5 slots for wavefiles
  • 2-bands Eq with on/off
  • Level, Pan, Pitch controls
  • Preview, Solo, Mute and Boost
  • Reverse, Start and End adjust
  • Enable Fileloop
  • Internal Reverb engine
  • Stereo Widener effect
  • Attack, Release controls
  • Midi active leds

The Pro version has more advanced EQ controls.

 Combo v0.7 (Download size: 1.18 MB)

 Combo Pro v0.8 (Download size: 1.19 MB)


CompEq is a smooth compressor and equalizer.

Terry West CompEq
  • Compressor
    • InputGain, Attack, Release, Ratio, Threshold and OutputGain controls
    • Input/output/reduction meters
    • Bypass, Meters on/off, Auto Makeup
  • Equalizer
    • Low, LowMid, HiMid, High and Air controls with reset buttons
    • Eq on/off, Preboost full/low, Finetune controls
  • Many presets included

 CompEQ v0.6 (Download size: 2.24 MB)


CompEQ-V is a vocal compressor and equalizer.

Terry West CompEQ-V
  • Compressor
    • InputGain, Attack, Release, Ratio, Threshold and OutputGain controls.
    • Bypass, EQ on/off, Meters on/off.
    • Input/output/reduction meters.
    • Autolinked Ratio/Threshold.
    • Numeric Peak indicators.
    • Saturation control.
    • Semi Autogain by Threshold.
    • Auto input limiter.
  • Equalizer
    • Low, LowMid, HighMid, High controls.
    • Hicut, Lowcut, Midkill, Fine on/off.
    • 4 resonance controls.
    • 3 Equalizer models with attunate controls (sibilance).

 CompEQ-V v1.54 (Download size: 1.19 MB)


EasyVox is an effect plug-in for vocal processing.

Terry West EasyVox
  • Dynamic mono vocal compressor/limiter.
  • Three bands equalizer.
  • Autogain and Pre-Limiter.
  • Three EQ models.
  • Independed Low-Mid-Hicut filters.
  • Vocal Doubler effect.
  • Pre in/Post out gain.
  • In/out/reduction meters.

 EasyVox v1.7 (Download size: 1.16 MB)


MidiMix is a MIDI controller instrument featuring 16 channels.

Terry West MidiMix v0.5
  • 16 channel midi controller
  • Sends and receives Midicc commands
  • Hold, Bender, Modulation, Chorus, Volume and Pan controls
  • One user definable command
  • Reset buttons for pan and volume
  • Panic button
  • Automation

Minimix is a 1 channel version of MidiMix.

 MidiMix/MiniMix v0.5 (Download size: 1.95 MB)


MidiRack is a MIDI messages visualisation plugin.

Terry West MidiRack
  • 16 midi channels and major CC controllers in one view: Vol, Pan, Mod, Bend, Hold, AT, Expr., and Prog
  • Led signals and realtime controller view

MidiRack Small is a version with the same information in a smaller GUI.

 MidiRack v0.3 (Download size: 1.31 MB)

 MidiRack Small v0.3 (Download size: 1.19 MB)


Silver is a freeware parametric equalizer.

Terry West Silver
  • Highpass filter
  • Three flexible paremetric bands (Lowmid, Highmid, High-1, High-2)
  • All bands has selectable frequencies
  • Frequencies range from 35 kHz ~ 8 K
  • Resonant filter per band
  • Solo and Boost per band
  • Bypass per band and global bypass
  • Main volume out
  • Stereo (mono insert) and mono versions

 Silver v0.8 (Download size: 1.83 MB)


Steady is a freeware auto leveler VST effect plugin (think expander/limiter with some special EQ enhancing).

Terry West Steady
  • Three selectable level-models
  • Bypass function
  • Gain slider
  • Mono and stereo versions included

 Steady v0.6 (Download size: 1.47 MB)

Steady Pro Bundle

Steady Pro Bundle is a collection of freeware auto leveler VST effect plugins (think expander/limiter with some special EQ enhancing).

Terry West Steady Pro
  • Four selectable Steady-models (Heavy, High, Normal, Soft)
  • 4-bands Eq with on/off
  • Output gain control
  • Global Bypass
  • LowCut function
  • Att & Rel controls (except Heavy)
  • Parabolic Saturation control with on/off
  • Model dividers
  • All major controls has a reset button
  • I/O meters
  • Mono, stereo and lite versions

 Steady Pro Bundle v1.3 (Download size: 2.70 MB)

A mono only version with some VocEqPro features is available as well.

 Steady Pro V v1.3 (Download size: 936.04 kB)


Take1 is a simple SoundFont Player.

Terry West Take1
  • Playback of sf2 Soundfont files
  • Preview keyboard
  • Midi receive channel selectable
  • Level, pan
  • Solo and mute
  • Octave up/down
  • Semitone up/down
  • Volume boost
  • ADSR controls
  • Three band equalizer
  • Double effect for widing the signal
  • P.Pan function. (pitch as pan)
  • V.Filter function. (vel. controlled filter)
  • Midi automation
  • Can load huge sf2 files (more than 200 mb)

 Take1 v1.4 (Download size: 1.02 MB)


VocEqPro is a special vocal equalizer. VocEqPro comes in two versions, VOCEQPRO and VOCEQPRO-C, which includes a compressor effect.

Terry West VocEqPro
  • 4 bands mono Vocal equalizer
  • 65Hz ~ 7K (15K)
  • Gender presets for male – female – default (- off VocEqPro-C only)
  • 8 patch presets
  • Boost modes: Pre-Mid-Air
  • Gender attenuation controls
  • Auto-limiter on main output with limit-led (VocEqPro-C only)
  • Smooth compressor with Attack-Release-Ratio-Threshold and on/off controls (VocEqPro-C only)
  • Vu-meters with zoom buttons
  • For use on mono vocal tracks

 VocEqPro v1.6 (Download size: 1.87 MB)

Check out the free plugins page for some more downloads.