Terry West VST effect plugins


Terry West has created a number of freeware VST plugins: Channel, Combo/Combo Pro, CompEq, CompEq-V, EasyVox, MidiMix/MiniMix, MidiRack, Silver, Steady, Steady Pro Bundle, Take1 and VocEqPro, listed below in alphabetical order.

Update: Terry now has a website up with all his plug-ins, so check that for to be sure to have the latest versions. I will leave this page up as a mirror.


Channel is a freeware versatile channel tool.

Terry West Channel
  • Pan: individual panning controls, bypass and inverse
  • Eq: High, HiMid, LowMid, Low
  • Filter: Cutoff & Resonance
  • Pitch doubler
  • M/S: LR2MS/MS2LR
  • Vu-meters with zoom buttons

Channel v0.9 Download size: 2.18 MB

Combo/Combo Pro

Combo is a professional MultiChannel wavefile player.

Terry West Channel
  • 5 slots for wavefiles
  • 2-bands Eq with on/off
  • Level, Pan, Pitch controls
  • Preview, Solo, Mute and Boost
  • Reverse, Start and End adjust
  • Enable Fileloop
  • Internal Reverb engine
  • Stereo Widener effect
  • Attack, Release controls
  • Midi active leds

The Pro version has more advanced EQ controls.

Combo v0.7 Download size: 1.18 MB

Combo Pro v0.8 Download size: 1.19 MB


CompEq is a smooth compressor and equalizer.

Terry West CompEq
  • Compressor
    • InputGain, Attack, Release, Ratio, Threshold and OutputGain controls
    • Input/output/reduction meters
    • Bypass, Meters on/off, Auto Makeup
  • Equalizer
    • Low, LowMid, HiMid, High and Air controls with reset buttons
    • Eq on/off, Preboost full/low, Finetune controls
  • Many presets included

CompEQ v0.6 Download size: 2.24 MB


CompEQ-V is a vocal compressor and equalizer.

Terry West CompEQ-V
  • Compressor
    • InputGain, Attack, Release, Ratio, Threshold and OutputGain controls.
    • Bypass, EQ on/off, Meters on/off.
    • Input/output/reduction meters.
    • Autolinked Ratio/Threshold.
    • Numeric Peak indicators.
    • Saturation control.
    • Semi Autogain by Threshold.
    • Auto input limiter.
  • Equalizer
    • Low, LowMid, HighMid, High controls.
    • Hicut, Lowcut, Midkill, Fine on/off.
    • 4 resonance controls.
    • 3 Equalizer models with attunate controls (sibilance).

CompEQ-V v1.54 Download size: 1.19 MB


EasyVox is an effect plug-in for vocal processing.

Terry West EasyVox
  • Dynamic mono vocal compressor/limiter.
  • Three bands equalizer.
  • Autogain and Pre-Limiter.
  • Three EQ models.
  • Independed Low-Mid-Hicut filters.
  • Vocal Doubler effect.
  • Pre in/Post out gain.
  • In/out/reduction meters.

EasyVox v1.7 Download size: 1.16 MB


MidiMix is a MIDI controller instrument featuring 16 channels.

Terry West MidiMix v0.5
  • 16 channel midi controller
  • Sends and receives Midicc commands
  • Hold, Bender, Modulation, Chorus, Volume and Pan controls
  • One user definable command
  • Reset buttons for pan and volume
  • Panic button
  • Automation

Minimix is a 1 channel version of MidiMix.

MidiMix/MiniMix v0.5 Download size: 1.95 MB


MidiRack is a MIDI messages visualisation plugin.

Terry West MidiRack
  • 16 midi channels and major CC controllers in one view: Vol, Pan, Mod, Bend, Hold, AT, Expr., and Prog
  • Led signals and realtime controller view

MidiRack Small is a version with the same information in a smaller GUI.

MidiRack v0.3 Download size: 1.31 MB

MidiRack Small v0.3 Download size: 1.19 MB


Silver is a freeware parametric equalizer.

Terry West Silver
  • Highpass filter
  • Three flexible paremetric bands (Lowmid, Highmid, High-1, High-2)
  • All bands has selectable frequencies
  • Frequencies range from 35 kHz ~ 8 K
  • Resonant filter per band
  • Solo and Boost per band
  • Bypass per band and global bypass
  • Main volume out
  • Stereo (mono insert) and mono versions

Silver v0.8 Download size: 1.83 MB


Steady is a freeware auto leveler VST effect plugin (think expander/limiter with some special EQ enhancing).

Terry West Steady
  • Three selectable level-models
  • Bypass function
  • Gain slider
  • Mono and stereo versions included

Steady v0.6 Download size: 1.47 MB

Steady Pro Bundle

Steady Pro Bundle is a collection of freeware auto leveler VST effect plugins (think expander/limiter with some special EQ enhancing).

Terry West Steady Pro
  • Four selectable Steady-models (Heavy, High, Normal, Soft)
  • 4-bands Eq with on/off
  • Output gain control
  • Global Bypass
  • LowCut function
  • Att & Rel controls (except Heavy)
  • Parabolic Saturation control with on/off
  • Model dividers
  • All major controls has a reset button
  • I/O meters
  • Mono, stereo and lite versions

Steady Pro Bundle v1.3 Download size: 2.70 MB

A mono only version with some VocEqPro features is available as well.

Steady Pro V v1.3 Download size: 936.04 kB


Take1 is a simple SoundFont Player.

Terry West Take1
  • Playback of sf2 Soundfont files
  • Preview keyboard
  • Midi receive channel selectable
  • Level, pan
  • Solo and mute
  • Octave up/down
  • Semitone up/down
  • Volume boost
  • ADSR controls
  • Three band equalizer
  • Double effect for widing the signal
  • P.Pan function. (pitch as pan)
  • V.Filter function. (vel. controlled filter)
  • Midi automation
  • Can load huge sf2 files (more than 200 mb)

Take1 v1.4 Download size: 1.02 MB


VocEqPro is a special vocal equalizer. VocEqPro comes in two versions, VOCEQPRO and VOCEQPRO-C, which includes a compressor effect.

Terry West VocEqPro
  • 4 bands mono Vocal equalizer
  • 65Hz ~ 7K (15K)
  • Gender presets for male – female – default (- off VocEqPro-C only)
  • 8 patch presets
  • Boost modes: Pre-Mid-Air
  • Gender attenuation controls
  • Auto-limiter on main output with limit-led (VocEqPro-C only)
  • Smooth compressor with Attack-Release-Ratio-Threshold and on/off controls (VocEqPro-C only)
  • Vu-meters with zoom buttons
  • For use on mono vocal tracks

VocEqPro v1.6 Download size: 1.87 MB

Check out the free plugins page for some more downloads.

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Martin Brossman
Martin Brossman

Who is Terry West? What a generious and gifted person. They are also enjoyable to look at.. Does Terry have a web site? Thanks Terry West!



These are awesome. I would definitely love to know more about the plugs, how they were made (SynthEdit, C++), how long they have been in production, etc.


Awesome plugs bro… Thanks…!!…

Kind regards…


Dear Terry,

I arrived at this website (free-plugin-list.com) via a link related to NewTek’s SpeedEDIT.

I downloaded your Steady and SteadyPro Bundle, as these were the only ones of interest to me right now. However, after downloading, unarchiving and installing them in the VST folder in SpeedEDIT, I’ve not seen any evidence of their being there or anything that brings up their respective control screens. What am I not doing correctly, or does SpeedEDIT perhaps just not support your utilities?




thank you for your great efforts! I downloaded (I think) every piece of software you are sharing here with us, so I’ll give them a try and come back later to leave a comment, a little reward for such a huge work you’ve been doing here.

THANK YOU ALL, my best 4 U!

Terry West
Terry West

Thanks everybody.

First i like to mention that i have a plugin dedicated website: http://www.terrywest.110mb.com.

@RovinRalph: Does SpeedEdit really support vst plugins?
Steady Pro should work in all major hosts and supports Xp~Vista.
Else mail me through my site.

To all other commenter’s: thanks and visit my site for updates and new plugins.


i’ve used the vocal eq/comp-pro on a few things now, powerful and smooth, i even used it with great results on a percussion track that was getting lost in the mix thanks ,great tools!

patrick mckeown
patrick mckeown

Hi, I`m completely new to visti and i`ve just downloaded easyvox v 1.3, but i cant find a manuel and have no idea how it works, is there someplace i can find one ?


Terry West
Terry West

I will soon make a simple manual for EasyVox.
Check my website soon, i will upload it there.


Thanks for these Terry.. I am psyched to try them.

Travis Hamilton
Travis Hamilton

nice easy to use plugins,thank you so much

Raheem Washington
Raheem Washington

Came here for those steady vsts. Its very convenient to have some sort of vocal rider plugin even if only temporarily during the early mixing(before doing it manually via automation riding of the fader or riding some on/off activated compressor’s gain). Using an expander totally makes sense but most dont feel like doing all the extra tinkering to put one on(especially we young mixers still trying to make sure we remember the jillion other things we’ve learned about mixing). THis is where fun vst plug ins come in handy. Just imagine never have a de-esser….youd then have to manually tinker… Read more »