Freeverb3_VST Impulser2

Teru Kamogashira has released Freeverb3 version 1.8, which includes the high quality Freeverb, NVerb and Impulse Response Reverb Processor. This library includes XMMS / BMP beep media player / audacious plugins, Steinberg VST plugins and sample programs.

Freeverb3_vst is a VST plugin version of the freeverb3 library. The latest version (v1.5) includes Impulser2 (Impulse Response Processor), NReverb and enhanced Freeverb. (Freeverb3_vst can be downloaded separately)

Freeverb3 VST features

  • Sampling rate: Tested rates are 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz and 384kHz, but any sampling rate may be supported
  • Precision: 32bit float (single precision)
  • Latency: Default is 0. This can be changed to 2^N (8192, 16384, …)
  • Impulse length: 2^31 (Under 30s is tested.)
  • VSTSDK 2.4
  • VSTGUI 3.0 beta4

Visit the Freeverb3 site for more information and a link to download the latest version of Freeverb3.

Note: You’ll also find a nice list of sites which provide impulse responses on the Freeverb site. (halfway down the main page).