ThaLoops Beaty Rhythmz

ThaLoops has announced the release of Beaty Rhythmz, a drum loops sample library.

“Beaty Rhythmz” Loop set is organized into multiple popular music industry tempo directories: 90bpm, 100bpm, 110bpm – 121bpm. Each tempo group includes original drum loop beat themes, each theme has additional variations. The pack contains 119 loops of 29 hip hop, r’n’b, dance, pop style rhythm themes!
All loops are acidized and can be stretched into uptempo or downtempo beats!

Variety of 29 loop themes allows users to build their beats within minutes in the styles of Neptunes, Danjahadz, Timbaland. Mix match and layer sample accurate acidized loops within provided tempos.

The Beaty Rhythmz loop-set is available to purchase as a download for $23.95 USD.

More information: ThaLoops / Beaty Rhythmz