ThaLoops Vintage Saxophone

ThaLoops has announced the release of Vintage Saxophone, a “Colors of Sound” series multi-sampled virtual instrument.

“Julius Keilwerth SX-90 Vintage Alto” saxophone was sampled in a pro acoustic environment using high-end microphones and pre-amps. JodyJazz DV NY 24kt mouthpiece produced the authentic vintage saxophone tone – great for playing hip hop chord progressions and solo melodies.

Covering 5 velocity layers per note, the sounds were programmed into a saxophone preset covering 2.5 octaves (E1 – A2). Every Kontakt preset includes a “Solo Switch” to enable/disable monophonic solo instrument mode useful for playing leading melodies.

ThaLoops multi-sample virtual saxophone instrument is available in three formats: Kontakt, Soundfont and free ThaLoops Player.

Vintage Saxophone is available for purchase for $8.99 USD.

More information: ThaLoops