Plugin Boutique has published a compilation of some of the best MIDI and music theory plugins for producers available at the Plugin Boutique store.

The world’s most famous plugins are usually instruments and effects. From the likes of super synths like Pigments 3 and Diva, through FabFilter and Soundtoys effects, there’s a lot of love for audio plugins. But there’s a third category of plugin that can be infinitely more creative than an instrument or effect: the humble MIDI Plugin.

The workflow with MIDI plugins is simple and requires just a touch of signal routing inside your DAW. All the magic happens within the plugins themselves, where you’re able to generate and pick apart melodies, chords and riffs with ease, making them enormously useful as music theory tools. While most DAWs have their own basic step sequencers, arpeggiators and chord generators, third-party developers offer more complex MIDI VSTs that are capable of intelligently generating MIDI sequences tailored to the key, tempo and style of your project.

With the right MIDI plugin at your fingertips, inspiration is just around the corner.

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