Reverb has published an article with some interesting year-end best selling lists of synths, drum machines, and sequencers.

Reverb Best Selling Synths and Drum Machines

The top 3 best-selling synths comprises the Korg Monologue and Minilogue, and Teenage Engineering’s OP-1.

The above ranking of overall bestsellers includes both new and used sales on Reverb, and in this instance, it’s fair to say that our data is probably a bit different from the market at large, given how much used gear sells on our site.

For instance, the Teenage Engineering OP-1 taking the top slot is likely the result of the limited availability of new inventory for this model at different points in the year, which helped fuel demand in the used market. Similarly, Reverb likely sells fewer new Behringers than gear sites that only sell new instruments, given how many buyers rely on long pre-orders for those units.

Exceptions like this aside, though, when we separate out just new and used sales, the overall list tends to stay more or less the same.

The best-selling vintage synths is led by the Roland Juno-106, followed by the Casio SK-1 and Yamaha DX7.

Korg is well represented in the list of new synths in 2019 with the Minilogue XD (and module), Volca Drum and Volca Modular.

Arturia’s MicroFreak places second, and the Elektron Model:Samples and Behringer MS-1 / MS-101 and RD-8 also make the top 10, alongside Pioneer’s Toraiz Squid and the FP-10 portable digital piano from Roland.

Roland takes over the lead position from Korg as the overall top-selling brand of 2019.

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