Groove3 has launched The Complete Guide to Beginner DJ Mixing with Turntables and a Mixer, a collection of 14 new tutorials in which world-renowned DJ Shortee teaches the essential DJ skills needed to beatmatch and mix music using turntables and a DJ mixer.

Groove3 The Complete Guide To Beginner DJ Mixing With Turntables And A Mixer

Aspiring DJs learn how to manually manipulate records to temporarily adjust the tempo of the songs and how to combine those manual adjustments with full pitch adjustments in order to beatmatch the music. Students will be able to determine if a track is playing too fast or too slow so that they can beatmatch any genre of music quickly and easily.

DJ Shortee demonstrates these techniques with multiple genres of music using both traditional vinyl records and control vinyl records with DJ software, and students can see the adjustments affecting the sound waves in real time. They will learn how to perform multiple mixing techniques such as a simple blend mix and various EQ and filter mixing techniques. Shortee also shows how to perform a drop mix, using the crossfader in conjunction with the volume faders, for use with quicker mixes, trick mixing, and songs with shorter phrasing, and then combines that technique with the EQ and the filter, showing how to blend the frequencies between songs in a more efficient way for even smoother transitions during quick mixes.

The Complete Guide to Beginner DJ Mixing with Turntables and a Mixer is an excellent course for beginners who already have some basic skills under their belt or have taken Shortee’s prerequisite course The Complete Guide to DJ Basics with Turntables and a Mixer. This course is also perfect for intermediate or advanced DJs who are transitioning from another gear setup over to turntables.

The course is available as a download for $29.99 USD, and to All-Access Pass users ($15 USD/month).

More information: Groove3 / Turntables: DJ Mixing Beginner