The Control Centre releases Studio Collection, VINYLiZER & Yamaha Tape Drums


The Control Centre has released the Studio Collection, a sample pack featuring a collection of 9 acoustic instruments for Ableton Live.

The Control Centre Studio Collection

Included are a Kalimba, Hohner Student 32 Melodica, Indian Flute, Wooden Frog, Shaker, Finger Bells, Hand Clapper, Bell Fish, and Carob Bean Pods.

The Studio Collection features nine melodic and percussive multi-sampled, velocity layered, acoustic instruments for Ableton Live 9. The pack includes 2 Instrument Racks, a Drum Rack, and more than 100 24 bit WAV files.

The Studio Collection costs $10 USD.

Also recently released is VINYLiZER, a multi-sampled Instrument Rack for Ableton Live 9.

The Control Centre VINYLiZER

VINYLiZER is designed to let you quickly add some vinyl ‘grit & grime’ to your clean, digital tracks.

The included 55 vinyl run-in and run-off grooves are all looped up and ready mapped across a single keyboard with a macro to control both filter and envelope settings.

The samples were lifted from my record collection using a Philips 777 Direct Control turntable and Numark DM950 mixer and are provided as 24bit wav files.

VINYLiZER is available for $5 USD.

The Yamaha Tape Drums pack offers a Drum Rack for Ableton Live 9.

The Control Centre Yamaha Tape Drums

It features a collection of multi-sampled, velocity layered samples from a Yamaha 9000 four-piece drum kit with vintage hi-hats, snare and cymbals.

Originally recorded on a Tascam 244 tape machine using Shure SM58 and Audio Technica Pro 4-H microphones, the included 54 samples have been digitally remastered as 24 bit wav files.

Yamaha Tape Drums costs $5 USD.

More information: The Control Centre

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