The Control Centre has announced the release of the Teisco Synthesizer 60F pack for Ableton Live.

This sound pack features bass, keys, lead and FX sounds created with this rare and often over-looked 1980’s monophonic analog gem.

Teisco Synthesizer 60F (image by altemark@Flickr)

The Teisco Synthesizer 60F has been my “go to” bass synth for many years, both live and in the studio.

This pack includes various bass sounds, but also explores the synths other sonic possibilities. There are even a “rhodes piano” and “vibes” patches included.

The 290 mono samples were recorded as 24 bit 44k WAV files.

The Teisco Synthesizer 60F pack is available for purchase for $15 USD. Requires Live 9.6 or higher.

More information: The Control Centre