The Control Centre has announced the release of The Mark((0))Tron and Precision Bass, two new instrument racks for Ableton Live.

The Control Centre Markotron Precision Bass

The Mark((0))Tron is a collection of multi-sampled male vocals features la’s, ba’s, mm’s, oo’s, ah’s, oh’s, ee’s and other phrases, recorded without effects. Every note in a two octave range for nine phrases is provided. The 245MB pack contains 225 24-bit WAV files in nine Live Instrument Racks (requires Live 9.2 or higher).

Precision Bass is an Instrument Rack for Ableton Live 9 featuring a multi-sampled Fender Precision bass guitar. Recorded without any amplification or effects, this Live Instrument includes picked, damped, fingered and slap styles. Every note in a two octave range for each style has been sampled for this 98MB pack which includes 96 24-bit WAV files (requires Live 9.2 or higher).

The Mark((0))Tron and Precision Bass packs are available for purchase for $15 USD and $10 USD, respectively.

The Control Centre has also announced that The Marnietron and Analogue Synthesizers Sampler Instruments and the Beat Generation sample pack have been reduced to half of their original price.

More information: The Control Centre