The Covert Operators Encounters

The Covert Operators has released Encounters, a Live Pack designed for performance and DJ sets.

Encounters for Live 8 features

  • 25 Arpeggiator Racks that allow unique sequences to be played with little effort. More info about how to use the preset or how it was made can be found in the info text view if you mouse over the preset name.
  • 40 Audio Effect Racks ranging from simple filtering tools to some creative Racks made using Live 8’s new and improved Audio Effects. These Racks also come with notes that either recommend sounds to use it on or the notes explain what is going on inside the Audio Effect Rack.
  • 50 Groove presets, selected from a large collection of grooves that we extracted from our personal record collection.
  • 100 Dummy Clips that contain parameter automation for 10 different Audio Effect Racks. Trigger pre-programmed effects by triggering clips. The improved Effects such as the Simple and Ping Pong Delay now sound smooth when the delay times are altered. The lack of a smooth delay is exactly why you didn’t see this earlier. Its a flexible collection of Dummy Clips that automate an Audio Effect Rack, this means that you can hot-swap a Rack with any other Rack and keep the automation.

Encounters is available for download now for 25 EUR.

Visit The Covert Operators for more information and audio demos.