The Drum Broker has launched the Divided Souls Bundle, a sample pack featuring all Divided Souls kits.

Drum Broker Divided Souls Bundle

Divided Souls Entertainment has bundled up all of the sound kits in their arsenal and they are delivering them for a reduced price as producers are looking to maximize their hard-earned dollars.

This package includes the kits from the 12 Bit Soul series, Soul Trap, and Southern Fried, fueling your creativity regardless of production style.

Divided Souls Bundle features

  • 37 Bass Riffs/Grooves
  • 119 Guitar Riffs/Grooves
  • 31 Organs/Electric Pianos
  • 379 Snares/Claps
  • 383 Kicks/Toms
  • 177 Hi Hats/Percussion
  • 56 Miscellaneous Sounds

The bundle is available for purchase for $59.99 USD.

More information: The Drum Sample Broker