Loop Loft Blues Drums Vol 2 ReFill

The Loop Loft has announced the release of the Blues Drums Vol 2 ReFill, a sample library featuring a collection of authentic blues grooves.

From classic Bo Diddley-esque boogies, to sparse and slow 12/8 back beats, to Chicago-style shuffles, Blues Drums Volume 2 will round out your Reason groove arsenal with the 100% natural drum sound (and feel) the Loop Loft is famous for.

Each session contains dozens of groove variations, fills, and transitions, allowing you to easily build a custom drum track in seconds. We also meticulously sampled every drum and cymbal on a multitude of kits (Ludwig, Gretsch and Slingerland), giving you incredible flexibility for layering and designing your own grooves.

The Blues Drums Vol 2 ReFill costs $44 USD.

The Loop Loft is offering a 25% discount on all its ReFill libraries and bundles until June 10th, 2013.

More information: The Loop Loft / Blues Drums Vol 2 ReFill