The Loop Loft has launched Drum Direktor From The Garage, a virtual drum instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The Loop Loft Drum Direktor From The Garage Kontakt

The bar on drum plugins has just been raised. Introducing the all new Drum Direktor “From The Garage”. Completely redesigned (leveraging the newly expanded user interface for Kontakt), Drum Direktor brings together sampling, looping and step sequencing together in a drum instrument unlike anything else.

To produce the sounds and loops featured in this latest version of Drum Direktor, we literally opened the doors to our garage and recorded everything in sight. We sampled the sound of motor oil. We drummed on tricycles. We banged on paint cans with actual paint brushes. We drove our neighbors nuts. The result? Probably the most interesting collection of grooves and sounds we’ve ever produced.

Drum Direktor From The Garage is available at a 50% introductory discount until January 9th, 2017, 12am EST. During the sale, a purchase includes a copy of the Complete Takes Bundle ($159 USD value). The bundle will be presented at no charge at the checkout process.

More information: The Loop Loft