The Lower Rhythm Grotto

The Lower Rhythm has announced the release of Grotto, a stereo reverb / delay hybrid that focuses on producing lush, cave-like environments — either as enhancements to your source signal or as a sculpting tool for creating droning ambiences.

At it’s core, Grotto’s wet channel is driven by emulated tubes that fill your reverb out with rich harmonics before passing the signal along into a fat lowpass filter. On the side, a delay scoops up signal from either the clean or wet path and then seamlessly reenters the signal chain. Next, simply mix and match your channels with a master, clean and wet volume knob.

In addition to Grotto’s core features, we left it’s spine exposed, allowing you to alter parameters of the reverb algorithm itself. This paves the way for a huge, custom reverb that you can tailor to fit whatever you send through it.

Grotto features

  • Emulated tube-driven stereo reverb.
  • Host tempo-synced stereo delay w/ individual left / right parameters.
  • Choose from wet or dry signal for delay.
  • 8 alterable time parameters that shape the reverb.
  • Fat biquad/butterworth lowpass filter.
  • Individual level controls for clean / wet channels & master volume.

Grotto is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC, priced at $9.50 USD.

Visit The Lower Rhythm for more information.