The Lower Rhythm has recently released a number of freeware VST instruments and effects.

The Lower Rhythm plug-ins
Melodikon and IceClimber
Both unique synthesizers with very different methods and purposes. Melodikon is an experimental synth derived from ideas that went into Oceans (found below), producing gobs of melodic and sometimes crusty goodness. IceClimber is more geared towards live performances. Designed around the idea of a 16 step sequencer, each ‘step’ in IceClimber contains a full synthesizer channel strip with all kinds of controllers for you to modify as it plays (including pitch input, looping resets, sequencer freezing, bit crushing, etc.).

Atlas 1 and Oceans
Two synthesizers. Oceans is an experiment in filter modulation that produces an airy, flute-like, haunting sound. The other, Atlas 1, is a three operator beast of a synth. With feedback loops and atypical modulation methods, the result is a mutant FM synthesizer that finds itself at home within droning, lush soundscapes.

D15 Analog Drum Machine
Fully customizable, analog modeling drum machine (no samples!). Each sound is tunable, opening the doors for drastically different drum kit presets. The amplifier stage contains a tube simulator with pre and post gain as well as a clean output.

TLR Effects Pack One
Four effects units: a re-texturizer that adds ‘crazy stuff’ to your sounds, a stereo consolidator, a stereo separator and a destruction effect that combines several methods of disortion.

MTM Modulators
Three synthesizers (two mono, one poly) based upon various cross-modulations and feedback paths. While they are definitely up to the task when it comes to barfing out obnoxiousness and noise, they’re also able to create plenty of pleasant sounds that add fresh texture to otherwise basic synth tones.

The Lower Rhythm plug-ins are all available as freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC. Donations are appreciated.

Visit The Lower Rhythm for more information and links to download the plug-ins.