The Lower Rhythm Explor3r

The Lower Rhythm has released version 1.1 of Explor3r, a free monosynth plug-in for Windows.

Designed specifically for’s 2009 Developer’s Challenge, Explor3r is a three oscillator monosynth with channel-dedicated amplitude envelopes, lowpass filters and LFOs, all glued together with a matrix that allows both phase modulation and sync inputs on each oscillator to be fed by the output of any other oscillator (including itself). With the addition of global texturizing (tube saturation and noise w/high cut) and delay, Explor3r can create anything from fat, complex leads to droning sound effects and terrible, screeching chaos.

Version 1.1 fixes a bug in the LFO rate and adds three new presets.

Explor3r features

  • 3 oscillators with dedicated envelopes.
  • Tuning.
  • Filters and LFOs.
  • 3×3 modulation and sync matrix.
  • Tube output & noise mix for texture.
  • Global delay.

Explor3r is available to download as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Visit The Lower Rhythm for more information.