Casio Rapman

The Midi Mechanics Showroom has released a Casio Rapman RAP-1 sample kit.

MPC2000xl writes:

The samples were taken directly from the line-out of my own Rapman, operating on a fresh set of batteries and recorded into Logic Express at 16-Bit/44.1 kHz resolution. While being recorded, the output of the RP-1 was at the highest possible level to give you the maximum signal-to-noise ratio. The samples were then carefully cut and processed with a touch of compression to give them a little more punch.

The pack of samples includes clean and normalized 16-bit versions of each sound, three variations of each created Logic’s Bitcrusher plugin (12, 8 and 4-bit).

The samples have also been downsampled in order to make the variations more dirty sounding.

All samples in the pack are 16-Bit/44.1 kHz mono .wav-files, so you use them with your favorite sampler. A program for Akai’s MPC2000xl (samples laid out in rows and the bit-rate decreasing from left to right) is included in the download.

Visit The Midi Mechanics Showroom for more info and a link to download the samples.