The Mix Challenge has launched its first Mastering Challenge, a recurring competition that has a focus on creating a balanced “master” of a production that transfers well to various playback mediums.

The „Mix Challenge“ community keeps on evolving. In July 2017, the staff announced an expansion with three more games. The first one being a theme based „Songwriting Competition“ started in September 2017. The second expansion is a Mastering Challenge. It’s first run will be in December 2017, will have a 14 day time frame and recur every even-numbered month.

The overall idea for the expansion is to link together various challenges into one big ongoing game. From writing and/or remixing a song, to mixing the production, to eventually mastering.

The final expansion will be a Remix Challenge, starting in January 2018 and it will recur very odd-numbered month (if enough audio material is present).

Joining the Mastering Challenge is completely free. Prizes include MuTools MUX Modular and a plugin of your choice from NUGEN Audio’s Master Pack.

More information: The Mix Challenge