The Musicrow Group releases PianoBoy VSTi

The Musicrow Group PianoBoy

The Musicrow Group has released PianoBoy, virtual piano instrument based on Musicrow’s SCS technology.

The SCS technology combines sampling, convolution and synthesis techniques, to provide the most dynamic and natural instrument, without the need to use giga’s of samples. (PianoBoy weighs only 34MB).

PianoBoy costs $69 USD (ShareIt), and a demo is available for download (demo has a short noise that appears every 30 seconds).

Visit The Musicrow Group for more information and audio demos.

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After listening to the MP3 demos, it sounded mediocore… until i heard the liszt etude, then my opinion changed to poor… in fact the only thing worse than the sound of samples is the pitiful sequencing of that liszt etude… obviously done by a video game afficiando.