Key Instruments has recently launched its first virtual piano instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player.

Designed to deliver the true Oeser experience, The Oeser features true sympathetic resonance, non-damped keys for high notes, switching non-sustained and sustained samples in real time while playing, and custom lid positions.

As many artists love our baby grand Franz Oeser in the lounge of Key Productions we chose this 150 years old baby grand piano to be our first virtual piano. We restored the mechanics and voicing of this beautiful baby grand in order to record every single note multiple times. This ensured an even velocity response and great dynamics.

To grant this beloved piano eternal life, we have meticulously recorded all the sounds this baby makes with three different microphone positions. Specifically our signature “bottom” position which makes this baby grand the best virtual piano instrument with incredible character.

The Oeser features

  • Recorded in Key’s high-end studio with world class microphones and pre-amps.
  • Long sustain (with real time cross-over when operating the sustain pedal).
  • Full length samples (up to 1:45).
  • 4 instruments through different playing styles and preparation (Pure, Felted, Muted and Picked).
  • 3 controllable microphone positions.
  • 30GB library.
  • NKS instrument for the Native Instruments platform.

Priced 75 EUR, the library comes with 5 snapshot presets to get you started. A purchase also includes The Oeser Sample Pack free of charge.

More information: Key Instruments