THE ONE Melbourne Basses

Loopbased has released THE ONE: Melbourne Basses, a new soundset for the Massive synthesizer instrument by Native Instruments.

As our Melbourne Leads package became a success, we decided to finally make a Massive presetbank with basses for Melbourne Bounce as well. So we are happy to present to you – THE ONE: Melbourne Basses!

THE ONE: Melbourne Basses comes with 50 highend funky bass presets for Massive, to give your next Melbourne Bounce track a sweet lift. The kit has a diverse collection of bass sounds, with everything from your typical solid Melbourne Bounce bass sound, to the more funky and experimental ones whenever you want to stand out more.

All presets feature full usage of all 8 Macro controls, to control the shape, behaviour, and quality of the preset. The Macros are on point so you may get a good overview of the sound. More than this, plenty of finetweaked randomizing is used, to make the sounds more natural and professional sounding. The presets themselves feature inspiring techniques to achieve unique sounds, and often involve advanced synthesis. Yet all sounds are made to sound well balanced, punchy, fat, and full.

The sound pack is on sale for 6.50 EUR for a limited time only (regular 13 EUR).