The One FX Collection for Massive

THE ONE has released the FX Collection for Massive, a collection of 50 fx presets for the Massive synthesizer by Native Instruments.

As our collection of risers and buildup effects became such a hit, we decided to create this new collection of various FX sounds. Presenting THE ONE: FX Collection, featuring 50 Massive presets with booming FX sounds.

Feeling like your current effects never make the cut in your songs, or maybe you’re eager to simply grab more effect sounds? Then this kit is for you!

These FX patches have been collected from various THE ONE soundbanks and merged into this top notch library. All presets feature full usage of all 8 Macro controls, with spot on controls so you may an as good grip of the patch as possible.

The soundset is available from Loopbased for 6.50 EUR for a limited time (regular 13 EUR).