The ONE Mainstage EDM Vol. 3

THE ONE has released Mainstage EDM Vol. 3, a soundset featuring 64 presets for the Sylenth1 synthesizer instrument by Lennar Digital.

Sylenth is a solid sound source for EDM music, and so are these presets.
The sounds are carefully tweaked to sound as good as the ones used by the big producers entering the mainstage worldwide.
The package involves fat pluckish drop leads, solid and mean supersaws, supportive basses as well as mean basses, dreamy pads for your breaks or background elements, as well as top notch effects.

All presets have the Mod Wheel assigned, and the library involves much velocity linking to give you that extra control over the sound.
And as always, the presets have been tuned to sound natural and professional.

The soundset is available for purchase from Loopbased at an introductory 50% discount for a limited time only.