THE ONE has launched THE ONE: Melbourne Leads, a collection of vital lead presets for Native Instruments Massive.

Are you envious of the amazing sounds the real pros are using in their songs? Then this is a must-have for you!

THE ONE: Melbourne Leads includes 50 handcrafted lead presets for your Melbourne Bounce production, as well as a large number of bonus items.

The lead sounds includes everything from dark and naughty leads, to bright and highpitched funky leads – even leads with a formant sound to them.

All presets have been made to deliver top of the notch innovation and quality, and feature full usage of all 8 Macros, to control both the sonic quality of the sound, as well as the artistic side of each preset, giving you presets with vast possibilities.

More than this, the presets contain a strong usage of Randomizing, Velocity-controlling, even Keyboardtracking, to make the respond as good and as natural as possible.

And last but not least, all sounds have been made to be as fat and full, punchy and snappy, and wide as possible.

THE ONE: Melbourne Leads features

  • 50 presets for NI Massive.
  • 12 MIDI melodies and scores.
  • 4 extra Massive presets of bouncy basses.
  • 30 synthloops.
  • The demo as an MP3.
  • PDF of what presets were used in the demo, as well as info of which freeware thirdparty plugins that were used.

The soundset is available from ADSR Sounds for $12.95 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / THE ONE: Melbourne Leads