The Outhouse Inerthia

The Outhouse has released version 1.66 of Inerthia, a Inerthia is a compressor VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Inerthia features

  • Latency free. Zero ms Latency unless LAH (Look A Head, 2 ms) button is on.
  • Fast Attack time from 0 ms.
  • Fast Release with PDR (Program Dependent Release).
  • Variable knee from Soft through Linear to Hard. Very Hard.
  • Lowcut and Hicut filter with Q knobs and semi automatic bypass button.
  • Vintage styled SClip (softclip).
  • Very broad Bandpass Side-chain that makes it easy to use as e.g. DeEsser or to get a vintage styled compression. (A listen button lets your hear your sidechain signal and while that is engaged a flashing light above the Ratio knob will tell you that you are in “Listening mode”).
  • Mix parameter to mix the dry signal with the compressed.
  • Input gain Trim to adjust for low gain signals or to modify the fixed Threshold (-30dB).
  • Works at Sample Rate, great for 96kHz or more.
  • Two VUs that can be set in 3 ways to display different things.
  • A variable Peakmeter that displays Input, Gain Reduction and Output.

Inerthia is available for Windows PC (VST) for 90 EUR / $133 USD.

The Outhouse has also released version 0.36 of Elatua, a VCA / Opto Limiter that has similarities with some of the old classic limiters and compressors. A commercial version is not yet released, but you can already download the beta version.

Visit The Outhouse for more information and a link to download a demo version of Inerthia.