The Producers Choice has introduced Tribal Fusions, a new drum sample library.

There is a solution to boring sounds. We created the most original, killer drum samples and we named them “Tribal Fusions!”

You have never head drums that fuse together heavy, pounding kicks with african tribal drum hits, and organic percussion. We fused snares with african percussion – mixed by a world class studio engineer!

We made this drum library as QUICK and EASY to use as possible! We named each sample in a logical way, so you spend less time digging for the right sound and more time making killer music!

Tribal Fusions features

  • 26 Pounding Kicks, 24 Crisp Snares, Snaps & Claps, 7 Hi-Hats.
  • 26 African Fused Percussion Hits & 8 Powerful Tribal Hits.
  • 16 Tuned Tribal Fused 808 Kicks (Tuned perfectly from C1 to D#2), 25 Tuned 808 Kicks (Mapped from C1 – C3).
  • No mixing required – pro loudness, no clicking pops or noise. 100% Radio Ready.
  • Easy & quick to use, with logical file names so you can find your drums ASAP.
  • 131MB in size, All samples in.wav format – compatible with 99% of audio software/hardware…
  • Free bonus: 11 Pro Tribal Fuzed Loops, From 80 – 93BPM – Clearly labeled with bpm information for easy use!

Tribal Fusions is available to purchase for $42 USD.

More information: The Producers Choice