The Producers Choice has introduced the Ultimate 808 Drum Library, a sample library by Sounds In HD.

Ultimate 808 Drum Kit is a groundbreaking, relentless, power driven library of drum samples, taken from the most legendary drum machine the world has ever seen – The Roland TR-808. We pushed it to absolute breaking point, forcing every last ounce of power from the unit until it almost ground to a shuddering halt.

Then we polished and chisled every last bass drum and snare into a masterpiece of high fidelity audio perfection. There is nothing that can hold a torch to U808 – and now you can unleash the power in your tracks.

Ultimate 808 Drum Library features

  • 458 Drum Samples & Loops in WAV format.
  • 163 Classic TR808 Samples (Including Trap HiHat Loops).
  • TR808 BassDrums Pitched from A to G# (60 Samples).
  • 84 Layered Bass Drum, Snare Drum & Clap Samples.
  • 41 Distorted BDs and FX.
  • 87 Perfect Looping 808BDs for Trap & Urban Production.
  • 24 Pitched Timpani Samples A to G#.

The sample library is available to purchase for $49.98 USD.

More information: The Producers Choice