This March is Max for Live Madness. The Producer’s Kitchen has announced it is offering free tutorials, roundups, demos and downloads to help you started creating devices in Max for Live, all month.

Every Wednesday in March, there will be a new tutorial on how to broaden understanding of basic Max and Max for Live concepts.

As a part of Max for Live Madness, The Producer’s Kitchen teamed up with some great Max for Live developers (Surreal Machines, Isotonik Studios and Sonic Faction) to giveaway over $150 worth of Max for Live devices to one lucky person at the end of March.

The first tutorial is available already: “Getting Started with Bangs and Things”.

Upcoming tutorials will cover parsing MIDI and using Live Objects, editing MIDI velocity of incoming notes, creating degrade & overdrive effects, and navigating the Live Object Model to control volume.

Enter the giveaway before the end of the month for a chance to win some great prizes.

More information: The Producer’s Kitchen / Max for Live Madness